Collection of links to WebXR test pages for testing on HoloLens.
Typing on HoloLens is slow, HoloLens 2 is a bit better, but clicking links is a lot easier.

WebXR support is coming to HoloLens step by step. You will need a WebBrowser that support the latest and greatest API's that are part of WebXR. There are currently two options:
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Current version or Beta depending on which level of support is required
  • Firefox Reality for HoloLens 2
  • It looks like Microsoft Edge will be the best bet for the future since Firefox Reality is no longer maintained. The latest Microsoft Edge is built on Chromium.

    Check Microsoft Edge Version

    To check you Microsoft Edge version start the app and follow the following steps:
    Microsoft Edge Beta > Help and Feedback > About Microsoft Edge >
    92.0.902.84 Official build (For me on 04-09-2021)
    Windows Version 21H1 OS Build 20348.1014

    Install Microsoft Edge Beta

    Download Microsoft Edge Beta Msix Installer for HoloLens 2
    Download msix
    Open download
    App Installer
    Check Edge Beta version
    Version 94.0.992.9 Insider Beta build (For me on 04-09-2021)

    Firefox Reality for HoloLens 2

    First (experimental) browser that supported WebXR and runs on HoloLens 2
    Release date 21-5-2020
    Install Firefox Reality from Windows Store

    Web Store Install

    Demos that run on HoloLens 2 with Microsoft Edge Beta

  • RollAR-coaster
  • Author: Ada Rose Cannon, Enter AR, Enter VR, head tracking, hand interaction, anchoring
  • AFrame boiler plate
  • Author: Ada Rose Cannon, Enter AR, Enter VR, head tracking, hand interaction, anchoring
  • WebXR particles
  • Enter AR, Enter VR, head tracking, hand interaction

    Demos that run on HoloLens 2 with Firefox Reality

  • Three.js AR cones
  • Enter AR, airtap to place cone
  • Three.js AR paint
  • Enter AR, pinch to draw
  • WebXR and MRTK
  • Enter AR, gaze and airtap, no direct hand interaction yet

    Other WebXR testlinks

    Most of these WebXR demos are either focused on VR use or on Magic Window AR (tablet/phone) and don't work well with HoloLens. Note: these were tested with and older Edge and still need to be tested on the newer Edge Beta.
  • ModelViewer
  • Hello WebXR
  • XRdinosaurs
  • immersive-ar-session
  • Three.js AR hittest
  • Three.js examples
  • vr-controller-basic-info
  • raw-webgl-controller-example
  • babylon webxr playground
  • Aframe XR examples
  • Immersive-Web WebXR samples
  • Immersive-Web WebXR Proposals
  • Immersive-Web WebXR Tests
  • Mozilla WebXR experiments
  • ArCore/ArKit Panda MacARena
  • A-Frame using three.ar.js
  • WebXR.NL examples
  • THREE.VRController sample
  • https://webvr.directory/
  • Coronavirus tracker
  • WebXR.world
  • Mozilla Hubs
  • Three.js AR-Paint Glitch
  • Three.js AR-Dino Glitch
  • Three.js AR-Debug Glitch
  • Three.js AR-DCashCannon Glitch
  • BrushworkVR/
  • Tests

  • Event listener
  • What input?
  • Touch
  • A-Frame AR emulation
  • Model websites

  • Sketchfab
  • Google Poly
  • Facebook 3D Posts
  • Demos

  • Chac Mool Demo
  • Holo-dance Adapted from Dancing